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Review past

China Forging Association was in April 2007, held in CIMT during the theme "Do not let the Chinese forging industry as a constraint to economic development and national defense construction bottleneck" of the news conference, the conference guests profit door, from the Xinhua News Agency, China Industry News, China Automotive News, China Metallurgical News, China Business News, Economic Daily, the World Metal Bulletin, "Forging and stamping", Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology magazine, general machinery magazine " mechanical workers ", Business Machine, Forging Technology, MM" modern manufacturing, "and so 30 more than the authority of the media and journalists, as well as from Schuler, Kim radius, Yang forging, Yang force, Mate dozen other famous Forging the responsible persons gather together.

Stage report

Press conference, we invited three experts to do the forging industry, the report discusses the forging in the equipment manufacturing industry and the important role of national defense building, because of forging parts in the automotive, electric power, metallurgy, electronics, home appliances and so on the basis of all mechanical manufacturing industry, "security" cases, is related to national security, aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships and other areas of "critical" items. Therefore, strong support in countries, China Forging Association, as the market economy, committed to doing the work of two international and domestic.

Which, the Third China International Metal Forming Exhibition and Conference (CMF'07) + forging the ninth China International Exhibition and Conference (CFF'07), is the heritage of the brand in China Forging Association activities purpose is to lead the industry the latest trends, showing a large number of domestic and foreign advanced technology and products, particularly for the large number of domestic and foreign buyers and visitors to create a dynamic opportunity to understand the forging market.

Publicity preheating

Third China International Metal Forming Exhibition & Conference + forging the ninth China International Exhibition and Conference is already proven successful event, with the rapid growth in the number of exhibitors each year and keeps expanding, this year Participation rate of repeat customers and participants rate reached a new high, and most of the enterprises to expand the exhibition area, and some business study tour last year, did not display physical products, this year said they would push their latest major products and technologies . International business strategy in the Chinese market is one of the industry associations in China, China Forging Association's reputation has been widely disseminated in the United States MetalForm, Fabtech, Europe EuroBLECH and Italy LAMIERA, and the Japanese Association for a year the four metal important professional exhibition support units. Now, the international companies participating and attending the scheduled time is earlier, some companies have in CMF'06 + CFF'06 the end of early registration.

This year we plan to do a comprehensive publicity in the national press conference to promote the city will be over in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Qingdao, Guilin, Shenyang, Changchun, Chongqing and other places. Will continue to release "Chinese metal forming parts and raw materials present situation and development", the contents will be involved in the manufacturing of metal forming in various fields, such as cars, motorcycles, farm vehicles, power equipment, light manufacturing, telecommunications, office equipment and raw materials. China Forging Association with many years of industry knowledge and real statistical data to help you concerned about the industry, understand the industry, to find you more valuable space for development.

We look forward to meet you in Beijing CMF'07 + CFF'07, hope you interact with us in the process, identify critical competitive position, and on their own enterprises and accurately. Let us take the right direction and usher in a large part of our own market!

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China Forging Association Press Conference

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