China's New Great Wall

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Although China has not built any large stone walls to protect itself in more than a thousand years, it has been building a new great wall over the past decade to protect itself from its most feared enemy. That enemy is the US, and the wall that is being built is a resource wall around America to isolate us and prevent us from interfering with China's plans to become the dominant super-power in the world; especially since they have millions of young men to draft into their army and put their army's boots on any resource rich ground they choose.

The first section of the new great wall was put in place in Panama, even before we turned over control of the canal to the Panamanians. The Chinese leased a port on the west end of the Panama Canal, not because they need a port more than 6000 miles from home, but because they need a strategic base of operations to sabotage the canal when the time comes; to prevent the United States from supplying our Pacific military forces and Taiwan, or any other nations, with equipment and supplies in time of war. China has no need for the Panama Canal for trade purposes, since the overwhelming majority of trade between China and the Western hemisphere goes through California, Washington, and Canadian ports.

In the past few years one of China's largest mining companies has purchased the largest mining company in Canada, with the blessing of the Canadian government; and they are investing in mining companies throughout our hemisphere. China is also sending oil and gas explorers to Venezuela to help them find more oil and gas; apparently something our domestic oil companies cannot do. Canada and Venezuela supply us with more oil and Natural gas than any other countries. By gaining access and then control of energy consortiums in these countries China can gouge us for profits on resources we must have, or starve our economy into a depression by withholding supplies; and in time of war, sabotage wells and pipelines to keep us from maintaining the resources necessary to challenge their world domination plans. They are creating a wall of isolation from energy and resources around America.

This is a Chinese military operation that has apparently been in the works for years. And best of all, for them anyway, we are the ones paying for this new great wall, thanks to former Presidents Clinton and Bush. We have been exporting our jobs over there and paying them hundreds of billions of dollars for our clothes and toys and tools. China has a huge trade surplus with us, giving them the cash they need to build a hi-tech military that will render us irrelevant in Asia. And they will one day love us to death for being so kind and stupid.

We have made it abundantly clear to China and the rest of the world, in the past few years, that our armed forces cannot sustain a hot war for more than a month or two before we exhaust both our stockpiles of weapons and our soldiers; and that we cannot occupy and control a country like Iraq without endangering our economy and exhausting our military. We have also demonstrated to China that we have no alliances with Europe, or South and Central America that would come to our aide in a time of confrontation. We have isolated ourselves from the world with regard to unified actions; NATO is irrelevant because the European Union has become so diverse that it will not be able to support any action except a direct attack on a European member nation; any other unrest or aggression anywhere in the world will not be threatened by NATO. NATO's token involvement in Kosavo and Afghanistan are a smokescreen for the dissention in that body, such that NATO will not get involved in problems in the Middle East, Africa, or Asia, let alone a war in the Americas. When we pull the rest of our troops out of Europe it will become even more obvious that we only get cooperation from Europe relative to the dollars spent there and troops stationed in Europe for their defense in their countries. We are not being paid to keep troops and equipment in Europe; quite the contrary; Europe has prospered under our protection, progressed through our technology, and will not be saddened by our decline, if there are no immanent threats on their doorstep.

Building a wall of non-cooperation between us, our neighbors and Europe, mixed with the physical isolation of our industries from the energy and resources to drive them, affords China an unbelievable opportunity to render us ineffective and inconsequential in world affairs.

Our nuclear weapons and hi-tech machinery will not be relevant once we are physically isolated. China is gaining hi-tech weapons to match ours through espionage and direct purchases from all over the world, using money provided by Americans. We are paying the full cost of being defeated by China. Since mutually assured destruction rules out the use of nuclear weapons against China; and we cannot even begin to match their army in numbers; if our supply lines are limited by their new great wall we will capitulate politically to any military operations by China that keep them out of the lower 48; everything else in the Pacific Rim is up for grabs by them. If this opinion seems silly, you are viewing this situation from yesterday's perspective and looking backward to our days of supremacy; while China is operating on a military plan that will take at most one or two more decades to accomplish; and they not only do not have our opposition they have our full political and economic support.

China is not Iraq, their soldiers are not poorly trained and equipped; and as weapons of mass destruction become more and more unusable because of the threat of equal retaliation, foot soldiers and battlefield armor will become more important to occupy and control territory. Through resource isolation we will not be able to build and maintain an army that can stand up to China, nor will anyone else.

It is not just Taiwan that is threatened, as China's military technology grows in quantity and quality; all of Asia, Australia, Japan, greater Siberia, Alaska, and western Canada will be conquered; and all will fall one by one with very little military opposition, because each will be isolated and each has resources that will be used to build up China's capacity for war, occupation and control. The Chinese will not threaten Washington, London, Paris, or Moscow, with destruction, and that will be the key to their success; the politicians in these countries will surrender land and resources as long as they remain relatively safe.

While we are chasing Osama Bin Ladin and his Al Queda network, spending hundreds of billions of dollars to defend (?) ourselves; the Chinese are accomplishing Al Queda's goals beyond Al Queda's wildest dreams and we are not only applauding China's efforts, we are paying all of the bills. Osama could sit back and be patient for ten years and achieve everything he desires regarding our economic destruction and isolation as a second rate power.

China is profiting from trade with the United States to such a great extent that they are buying a significant portion of our budget deficit. If they can maintain this trade imbalance for another decade they will own more than two trillion dollars of our debt. China can loan us the budget deficit money that former President Bush refunded to the wealthy, so that we can carry on wars against world-wide terrorism that will further exhaust our military and our economy; and China will gain billions of dollars in interest payments annually, far into the future, and use those funds to eventually defeat us economically and militarily. This is what China would call a win-win situation. We fail to defeat terrorism, but we do defeat liberty by destroying our economy, and then we suffer political and resource isolation from the rest of the world.

During the eighties Japan's trade balance with the United States ballooned to over 40 billion dollars per year in Japan's favor. The Japanese were so grateful in 1989 that they paid former President Reagan 3-million dollars to give the same short speech in a half dozen of their cities within a month of leaving office; this apparent reward was for bringing incredible prosperity to Japan in the 1980's. Former President Clinton made a similar speaking tour in China after leaving office; and with China's trade balance with the United States at that time at about 60-billion dollars per year in their favor, they probably paid him substantial speaking fees. With former President Bush greatly outdoing both Reagan and Clinton at swelling our trade imbalance around the world and especially with the China, I wonder how much he will be able to command in speaking fees to visit the metropolitan areas of China, make a few speeches and bring home his bacon.

Some day the Chinese will satirically salute us for electing leaders that have given them so much help in building their new great wall. After they declare all of us to be enemy-combatants and defeat us, they will dictate how we operate our political and economic system; and they may honor those who have helped them the most by renaming the United States, Camp Clinton-Bush.

© March 2009

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China's New Great Wall

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This article was published on 2010/04/04