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China holidays are becoming increasingly popular, with a range of luxury hotels in China to choose from, excellent cuisine throughout the country, and a range of fantastic sights to see. A culturally rich country, you won't be bored when wandering the streets of both its major cities and small villages, where age-old traditions and colourful dress await you.

It's also worth venturing outside the city centres, where you will find places of exceptional beauty and cultural intrigue. From imperial gardens to uniquely beautiful lakes to the Great Wall of China itself, you won't be short of tourist attractions to explore. It may well be worth taking a China tour, where you will have the opportunity to see many of the country's best attractions.

The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace, known as Yiheyuan, is a popular place to visit when on a China holiday, and is a stop-off point for many China holiday tours. It is one of the best-preserved imperial gardens in the country, and its design is something of a masterpiece.

Landscaped gardens sit in front of a backdrop of lush green hills. The gardens, hills and man-made features have been brilliantly integrated into a harmonious whole, making for a quiet afternoon when on a China holiday.

There are many particularly beautiful features in the garden, with the 'Long Corridor's' brilliant decorative ceiling paintings, Empress Dowager Cixi's Marble Boat, and the Seventeen Arch Bridge all making for exceptional views.

Tianchi Lake - A Piece of Heaven

Formerly known as Yaochi, this beautiful lake is situated to the east of the Tian Shan Mountain range, north of Bagda Peak. The unique beauty of this area draws a number of China holiday tours, and it is one of the country's main tourist attractions. The lake is situated 1,910m above sea level, high enough for the surrounding peaks to be covered in snow.

From the lake you can see glaciated forests and grassland alpine lakes, making the area unique and beautiful. A great sight to behold from the lake's shores is Mount Bogda, situated 3,860m above sea level. This mountain is rich in glaciated resources, where super-glacial rivers formed by melting snow and ice formations such as bridges, 'ice mushrooms' and fountains are visible on the mountain's glaciers. It is no wonder that such a beautiful destination is such a popular stop for tourists on a China holiday.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is the world's best known ancient construction, and is one of the most popular cultural tourist sites. In China, it is one of the most historical symbols, and nearly all tourists on China holidays try to fit in seeing this famous structure.

This phenomenal wall stretches from Shanghai Huan in the east to Jiayuguan in the west. Being 6,300km long and spanning over eight provinces, it is easily accessible to a range of luxury hotels across China.

Construction began somewhere between the 7th and 4th centuries BC, where the separate states built individual defense lines against nomadic invasions. In 221 BC the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, built links connecting all the state's walls, creating this vast historic site. You can learn about the wall's history on China holiday tours, and discover the story behind its creation.

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China's Top Attractions

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    Thanks for introducing China to the world... There are many places to visit. Shanghai's 2010 expo Beijing's great wall, summer palace Tibet's scenery Sichun's Jiuzhaigou ... I have a collection of ebooks about China and Chinese. For those who are interested at China, can have a look.

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