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One-way toll topic again cause for concern. 22, China Telecom announced that it will provide a one-way fares on some


. The industry's general concern is whether it is full to the domestic mobile phone market, a sign of one-way fares, or just intense market competition, operators implemented



New measures China Telecom Raises Concerns

China Telecom announced on 22, since October 1, the newly added "my e-home" "business navigator" and Tianyi business travel packages to customers throughout the country within the 31 provinces receive free of charge. Many domestic media reports said: "This means people in the 2G era of the long-awaited phone call one-way charging policy, in 3G the first time by China Telecom to achieve."

According to China Telecom announced the program, from October 1, the ordinary mobile phone users will choose one Tianyi Tianyi Business Travel Package, you can in 31 provinces across the country to enjoy free incoming calls policy. Adding, "I e-home" "business navigator" brand package can directly enjoy the benefits. And to add to the three brand package customers can also enjoy other benefits within the package.

The news outside the industry once again aroused concern on the topic of one-way fee. In recent years, under the pressure of market competition, carriers continue to cut mobile charges indeed, but the voice of the highest one-way fares, in fact, through a variety of packages, benefits and other measures implemented in disguise. The question now is, so far, consumers look forward to the real one-way charging did not occur, and the attitude of consumers clear-cut than the one-way fares on the phone, the operating company is always timid. So, the Chinese telecommunications charges to be implemented new policies and whether the majority of users looking for a real simple one-way charging era?

Not really a one-way fee

"This is just the depth operator

Price war

A strategy, not a comprehensive one-way toll of signal arrival times. "Telecommunications experts, world-renowned consulting firm Frost & Sullivan Principal Consultant Wang Yuquan clear." The one-way fares of China Telecom, and had many operators around the launch of the package of one-way charging prices less the same, does not have essentially driven by the significance of one-way fee. "

CCW Research Vice President Guo Haitao, agrees. "One-way toll is not the focus of this issue, many domestic packages have been the equivalent of one-way charging. It's launch in fact one of the strategies of telecommunications competition. Judging from the trend, mobile phone charges lower prices is an inevitable trend need for competition among enterprises to provide users with more extensive bundles, packages products are inevitable.

The so-called one-way toll of China Telecom, has also attracted widespread attention online. "Do not attach any conditions, is the real one-way toll." A netizen on China Telecom, the expression of a negative action. Meanwhile, many users have roaming charges on the abolition of the expression of a wide range of concerns.

"In China, the implementation of a comprehensive, one-way toll is almost impossible." Wang Yuquan said. He believed that China can not implement real one-way toll for two reasons: First, gateway settlement was not clear, two people involved the measurement of the level of the Hua Fei. Settlement in the gateway, because the prices of different operators on different charges led to the current one-way only way to achieve a package. If you want to implement all the one-way fares, subject to the gateway for settlement of clarity, but this is difficult to achieve. In particular, present a large number of new low-end users, these users to only access, if not play a lot of carriers is likely due to the large number of subsidies for low-end users at a loss, which can not be true one-way fee.

Another reason is that general tendency of consumer choice. For operators, in fact, can also be one-way fares that you play some (involved in settlement with other operators), access free of charge, as long as the overall profitability can be.
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This article was published on 2010/10/16