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It is the need of the time for the people of the three nations China, Pakistan and India to forget animosity and unite to make the region and their respective countries strong and prosperous. The animosity among these countries is unnatural and tailor made. Let us find the tailor of this antagonistic attitude of these three states in the region. I begin the story from 1940.China is under the alien rules; India is burning with the multiple fires of covert and overt aims of the British and religious communities. The British are not only lookers on but also a player. They always play a dual trick and are always juxtaposing the members of different religious communities against one another. Their tricks work and they are temporarily successful in prolonging their rule over Indian subcontinent. The naïve Indians are so credulous that they become a prey to the voluptuousness and catchy notions of the aliens and start following their system and polity.

Only one party is not to blame, every one is constrained to play a second fiddle to the British conspiracy and all the communities are strangled into the cobweb of the alien laws. The very concessions they bestowed upon the natives was that they made them enemy of one another. In 1947 Pakistan and India separated from each other on and became the two sovereign nations. Then in 1949 china became socialist republic under Mao. The time went on. Since those days these three countries are at daggers drawn. Sino- Indian war of 1962, Indo -Pak wars of 1947, 1965, 1971, and daily skirmishes that are countless. The west is exploiting the emotions of the extremists in all three countries. China made progress with such a pace that world stopped to ponder over their devotion and assiduity. While Pakistan and India directed their weapons against each other and remain busy in piling up weapons. They succeeded in getting atomic arsenals but could not succeed in overcoming poverty and illiteracy of their people. As far as the causes behind this sad state of affairs one of the major reasons is the foreign intervention in the internal affairs of these states.


The Chinese progress was a thorn in the flesh of the opposites of communism and socialism. They debarred China for many years from entering into the world arena of politics. Chinese were kept away from the UN membership for many years. The west alienated china to subdue before them but they could not succeed in their intentions. The west along with America were the open opponents of Chinese ideology and progress. This became the reason and china found its own feet.

The west cordoned off Pakistan and India and both these countries are still struggling to find some donor and business partner to abet their dwindling economies. On the other hand china got the veto power only due to its steadfastness and became the power of the word to reckon with. It was the policy of the British colonialism to leave behind a problem so that the native might not think about their imperialism. In china they left Taiwan as an issue that is still the reason of many untoward incidents between Chinese government and the supporters of Taiwan. In the subcontinent the aliens had been mixing poison in the relations of different communities but the major issue they left was of Kashmir. At present the issue is unresolved and ostensibly has become the reason of two major wars between India and Pakistan. Even now there are daily skirmishes between the people of Kashmir and Indian army or between Pakistan and Indian forces.


IT is high time to pause and ponder over the mistakes and blunders of the past and formulate a new policy for the future.

The troika is THE potential SUPER POWER.

The solution of all the problems of the area lies in the unity of these three nations. Three countries are nuclear powers, have enough resources of their own along with the manpower. Only an agreement with sincere intentions and for implementation purposes is needed. If these three countries unite on one point agenda that any infringement of the sovereignty of the states would be defended collectively, no power would dare to have bad intentions about them. If the troika comes into being the Afghan, Kashmir and Tibetan issues would resolve automatically as they would become internal issues of the states and no third party would be needed for arbitration. More over the internal law and order situation would improve to the maximum as troika would defend the sovereignty of the borders as well as the people. Although it seems an innovations and a strange proposal but if acted upon would bring peace harmony and prosperity to the people of the area and the world would become a paradise on the earth.

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India China and Pakistan

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This article was published on 2010/04/03
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