Shanghai World Expo 2010 China Pavilion?? "oriental Crown"

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HC intelligent home network  China Pavilion by the National Museum, Museum of provinces and autonomous regions, Hong Kong Pavilion, Macau Museum, the composition of the Taiwan Pavilion. Building exterior with "Oriental Crown" as the idea of the theme to express the spirit of Chinese culture and temperament. Pavilion center rises diverse tiers, as condensation Chinese elements, a symbol of the Chinese spirit of sculptural look - the highest in the East; regional level museum started to stretch the platform, against the background forms the base of the pavilion, an open, flexible, People First, rich layers of the city square.

Aerial view of China Pavilion Expo China Pavilion is the venue in the region one of the most important, is the current host of the World Expo design and construction and permanent retention of the national pavilion.

China Pavilion is to demonstrate China's image of the beautiful card, run the Shanghai World Expo, difficulty and focus in the China Pavilion, the key is the idea. China Pavilion closely, "Chinese wisdom in urban development," the main line, through the urban construction, urban management, urban life, urban industries, and other content fully reflects the Chinese self-improvement, social commitment, Nature, and the different love and equality of national spirit and values.

China Pavilion features: 1, building structure and reasonable State Museum, 63 meters high, forming urban sculpture, reflect a symbol of China Pavilion; local show high of 14 meters, the level started to form a stable base of the building, construction of urban public space. China Pavilion balance the overall use of asymmetric structure, reflects a harmonious, stable meaning.

2, building functional National Museum on the ground floor area of about 30,000 square meters, divided into three levels, 33 m elevation for the state Department Hall lobby and service areas, 39 m elevation above the national museum exhibition hall, exhibition hall to flat (1.3 million square m), supplemented with ramps and connections still, can meet the various means of showing the mounting of the Chinese civilization needs. Provinces Joint Center on the ground floor area of approximately 37,000 square meters, of which 24,000 square meters exhibition area, net height 10.5 m, to meet the 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of all the needs of 600 square meters exhibition area. In addition to exhibition space, the China Pavilion is also equipped with entrance hall, function hall, and conference rooms, underground garages and other facilities.

3, convenient traffic organization China Pavilion is surrounded by both import and export. More than escalators, vertical accessibility lifts and roof pavilion exhibition platform for public events. Shipping channel set around the local museum, open edges, easy mounting of cargo flow in and out when the focus. Museum of the top platform of the local channels and the north by the steps of the elevated trail through the Expo is connected, easy flow of people evacuated.

4, landscape design and elegant Use landscape design of China Pavilion Chinese Jiangnan garden style, to create a number of buildings surrounding landscape garden. Museum public events where the roof platform of the Southern Gardens by Style Box and the combination of landscape design, deck crown at the top of the national Museum of the Big Dipper Style Box layout, then under the elegant charm of the landscape garden, landscape design and more the Chinese Museum of the rich three-dimensional level. Landscape gardens were extended through North Plaza, north and south side to the base of public green space and integrate into the landscape into the overall World Expo.

5, abundant element in China Design using traditional Chinese architecture in shaping a beam structure, the iconic image of bucket crown, meaning

"Oriental Crown, prosperous China"; regional museum facade and interior use of overlapping seal means to names embellishment, reflecting China's long history and culture; landscape design also reflect the artistic conception of Chinese culture.

6, saving Environmental Technology

China Pavilion building design into a variety of energy saving technology, combined with passive energy saving measures, such as shape from shading, natural ventilation, lighting and so on, and active eco-energy saving technology, such as solar roof, ice storage technology, comprehensive enhance the environmental awareness of the China Pavilion and technology content.

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Shanghai World Expo 2010 China Pavilion?? "oriental Crown"

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