Vast China no Intention to Expand

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Japan's new foreign minister, said China's military expansion is "a real threat to Japan." His words just to say, the two countries because the Chinese side of a fishing boat captain in the Japanese-claimed waters have been detained while the Japanese side all-out dispute.

However, most of the time history of the Chinese content to stay within the borders. The country already has a vast territory, the heart does not greedy and more coveted. China has never violated over Japan, but added Japan to China in 1937 launched a bloody war, as it in 1894 and 1932 made 1 year.

300 years ago, India and China are considered the prevailing economic power in world standards. But even in its heyday between the two countries do not consider the war over, this is not like Europeans. Today, India groundless some strategists believe that China than Pakistan is India's number one enemy. They said that India must develop nuclear weapons, not because of the potential threat from Pakistan, but because of China. However, even so, today's China and India did not resort to arms.

Indeed, China has been increasing defense spending, especially in the navy (but the Chinese military base itself is small). China is also very active abroad - in Africa, China is already the largest investor. Full speed ahead as the economy, China needs more raw materials, especially oil, metals and soybeans. In Afghanistan, China is mining copper. China and the laying of oil and gas pipeline, the Caspian region and Kazakhstan to transport oil. In the sparsely populated Russian Far East, a large influx of Chinese people logging mining. This has led to Russia's vigilance. However, if Moscow felt threatened, it is completely cut off the flow of Chinese immigrants.

As the scholar Robert Kaplan in the latest issue of "Foreign Affairs" magazine article said, this expansion is China's only out of necessity, so the influence of China will not pose a threat. "China's influence in Eurasia and Africa growing, but with the kind of 19th century imperial expansion is quite different. This approach is more subtle, more in tune with the era of globalization."

Change the balance of power in China Eastern Hemisphere is an indisputable fact. With favorable geographical location, Beijing's influence extended to the South China Sea from Central Asia, expanding from the Russian Far East to the Indian Ocean. However, although the increase of Chinese military power, but still behind the United States or Europe for decades. China now there is no expeditionary forces.

In addition to minor border disputes with India, China's border disputes have been resolved. China and Russia, Central Asian countries and other neighbors live in harmony. Quiet and peaceful land, the future is likely to remain so. Hopefully we can safely avoid this time of war with China. Some things do not want to fuss, China has always been a country is precious. West (and India) politicians not to be their hard-line strategists, military or into a corner, forced to the threat does not exist to expand the Navy.

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Vast China no Intention to Expand

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This article was published on 2010/10/02
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